Young Nuk: A New Artist Who is Here to Stay?

More artists are entering the music scene, bringing their unique style and personality to set them apart from the other talented people in the industry. One new artist who’s caught the attention of many, including the legendary American rapper Lil Flip, is Young Nuk.

Growing up in the twin cities of Minnesota and Minneapolis, Young Nuk’s music revolves around his decisions in a rough environment which eventually led him to serve some time in state prison. Despite this, he never lost his passion for music.

“[I] pursued music [and] attended music college for business and recording technology [for a] short period of time,” Young Nuk said.

Young Nuk would later drop out of school to pursue a full-time career in music and perform outside his region and network.

“Peers from wherever I was would hear me rap and encourage me to do [so],” he said.

He currently relocated to Houston for bigger opportunities for endless work

Being Recognized For His Music

After NU Music Group’s (NMG) CEO Ca$adon took a liking to Young Nuk’s sound, how he was pushing his music relentlessly at shows, and his performance at every venue from local to mainstream celebrity acts, they reached an agreement for management.

This resulted in a lot of touring and a lot more work which later led to Young Nuk’s current success of signing with Clover G Records and Powerhouse, as well as the recent release of an inked distribution deal through Empire/GT Digital.

Putting in More Work

With his new deals, Young Nuk is working on more projects such as a new EP called “Trappin In Texas” and a new single titled “Bounce back” featuring Lil Flip. He will also be launching his Beach Boi Music label which has a roster of artists who Young Nuk feels deserve a fair shot.

“Lots of new music and videos geared up to drop and more traveling on the schedule for this year. I dropped a movie on Youtube during this COVID [titled] Got Exotic. It will be on streaming sites soon but for now, catch it on Youtube as well [the] Short Smokers film written directed and put together by myself and a couple of homies,” he said.

These are only some of the projects that we can expect from Young Nuk in the coming year. As an artist who’s solidifying his position in the music industry, he’s one name to look out for in the future.

Listen to Young Nuk’s music on YouTube or check out his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for more updates.




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