Young CEO Jonathan Pazienza Leveraging His Podcasts Fame to Grow His Businesses

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Do you want to start a business and be successful? Are you expectant of the results and working smart to achieve them? You’re probably on the right path. Starting a business is the best idea if you want to have financial freedom. However, many people start their businesses with extremely high expectations to succeed. But how many achieve their dreams or lay down the necessary strategies to attain their goals? Research has shown that 20% of small businesses fail within the first year of operation, while some business ideas never see the light of day. Jonathan Pazienza shares the secrets that an entrepreneur must have beyond having the right attitude, working hard, and being determined.

In this article, learn from Jonathan Pazienza, who has overcome fears and challenges to emerge a successful entrepreneur in property management and impact generations. Jonathan also runs a podcast called the ‘The MFCEO Process Podcast’ that aims to solve the problems most new entrepreneurs tend to face when first starting their business. We will discuss how to move past the idea stage of the businesses and overcome challenges at this early stage. Why changing your mindset and continuous improvement is crucial for your business.

If there is one thing that makes great entrepreneurs fail is the failure to act. Having a plan is essential, but it is not always easy to forecast everything that will happen in the future. Sometimes, leaping faith into action can propel you to do great things that you never knew you could do.

When Jonathan and his colleague started The MFCEO Process Podcast they were unsure how well it would do. They began with ten listeners, but now the podcast has over 600 active listeners pre-show. They have achieved this milestone in less than six months. Jonathan advises entrepreneurs to act on their ideas by getting started immediately. Whether wrong or right, you will have a chance to learn and grow along the way, keep the focus on moving towards your goals.

In the MFCEO podcast, Jonathan and his colleague Michael Olivieri shared the hardships they faced during the company’s initial growth and ways they overcame those hardships. The entrepreneurship journey is not easy, and there are many challenges along the way. You will get knocked down again and again, and you will have to get back up and push past the struggles to achieve your goals.

Jonathan encourages entrepreneurs to do 1% better every day. He says, ‘it may not be much at first, but if you continue to work at it each day, it will pay off in the long-run.’ When you discover and start improving yourself daily, it’s like uncovering secrets to launch your business to excel.

When times get tough, it is vital to have someone support you and provide anchor and mentorship to put you back on track. There is no doubt that sometimes you will feel like giving up. As an entrepreneur, you have to be aware of these downtimes and take proper steps to overcome them.

For Jonathan, his business partner Michael Olivieri has been his rock’ holding him in place whenever he tends to have negative thoughts about his career. Secondly, as an entrepreneur, it is crucial to invest in self-development. You can do this by reading books, listening to helpful podcasts, or having a mentor to help you navigate through the journey. More importantly, keeping the focus on the end goal will help you to push through obstacles along the way.

Success does not happen overnight. Most of the time, you stand tested to the core. There are times that you will feel like giving up. The most important fact that you have to keep in mind is that you will eventually get it right. In his podcast, Jonathan occasionally features motivational episodes to keep him, and his listeners encouraged to continue pursuing their dreams.

The journey is not easy. Neither is entrepreneurship for the faint-hearted. To be successful, you have to work hard, be committed to providing nothing but the best for your clients while putting them first. Above all, you have to keep the right mindset by surrounding yourself with positive vibes and be patient and build yourself.

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