Why Does Social Media Matter? Adam Meskouri’s Love for Digital Platforms

When one thinks about using apps like Instagram, it’s generally perceived as a waste of time. However, Adam Meskouri firmly disagrees with that verdict. Since 2017, he’s generated billions of views, millions of followers, and strong experiences in management and marketing through online accounts. Meskouri believes that social media possibilities are overlooked and finds that seemingly harmless platforms can create an extensive array of opportunities.

Meskouri began using social media during the summer of 2017. Mainly focusing on his personal page, the involvement was relatively minimal. In September, he decided to create a basketball page. Named “FrostyMixez,” Adam made basketball videos on his phone. Using Flipagram (a free video editing application), he synchronized music to basketball mixtapes and posted them on the account. Upon earning his first thousand followers, he was hooked.

As he continued to grow, Meskouri was eventually offered a position as an admin on a much larger page. With over 177,000 followers in comparison to his 20,000, Adam gratefully accepted the offer. Over the next few months, he used the page as his creative outlet, jumping at the chance to broadcast his voice across the worldwide web. Eventually, he became an equal partner on the page, cementing his position as a co-owner.

From there, Meskouri decided to branch out into more monetizable sections of social media. After a stint in clientele work (in which he helped brands grow their online presence), Adam purchased a page alongside his longtime partner Charlie Ambrose. Within three months, the pair had scaled the page by over 100,000 followers, generated thousands in ad revenue, and done marketing work for (among others) large brands like TikTok. Today, their page amasses over 400,000 fans, and Meskouri is hopeful for further exponential growth. He states, “Charlie and I make a great team. Our mindsets mesh well together, and we’ve found a great balance in our partnership.”

However, Meskouri’s focus on social media is multifaceted. In total, his genre pages amass over 2,000,000 total fans. Recognizing the profitability of general niches, his accounts feature content from a multitude of interests. Alongside a team of partners and managers, he hopes to continue expanding his network.

Alongside his direct involvement with digital platforms, Meskouri hopes to help others build an online audience. Hence, he co-founded Genfluencer. Alongside fellow successful media specialist Marko Danial, Meskouri has created a platform for content creators to showcase their stories. Genfluencer focuses on the coverage of online culture, namely, the impact of Gen Z online entrepreneurs. He states, “Marko and I share a very uncommon vision. Upon realizing this, we knew that collaboration was needed. He suggested the creation of a news outlet, and everything clicked from there on out.” Meskouri and Danial believe that a “big break” can act as a push for young content creators, and aim to feature their journey on a well-established platform.

Meskouri notes, “when you can collect a massive group of people under one shared interest, the possibilities are endless. These platforms allow for mass marketing without the limits of venues, location, or practicality. It’s crazy how brands can achieve such an absurd amount of promotion with little to no budget.” As he continues to grow his online presence, Meskouri hopes to bring joy through his videos. “Even if it’s just a repost, I strive to put out content that people love.”

To keep up with Adam Meskouri, follow his Instagram: @Meskourii.




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