What You Need To Know About Do or Drink The Biggest Game Of 2020

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We all love to have fun, and drinking games helps us to do just that. To get to know new people, enjoy the thrill and competition with our friends, and alleviate boredom. Sometimes, it is about just trying to get drunk or for the love of experiencing something new or different. Whatever the reason, the party is not complete without one drinking game.

Enters Do-or-Drink. Do-or-Drink is an adult drinking card game designed to get you and your friends to take your party to the next level.

Having played the same games over and over again, the team behind Do-or-Drink wanted a drinking game that could liven up the night regardless of who you are playing with. The handful of millennials came together and created a game to do just that. The game was launched on Amazon in December 2019 and has had an amazing reception. Since then, the game has over 4.7/ 5 reviews on Amazon and ranked among the top 25 Amazon products.

What to expect from the game in 2020

Do-or-Drink game has 350 cards that will last you a few drunken nights. On top of that, the expansion pack adds 150 ridiculous cards to your collection. The game also comes with 50 card theme packs to choose from. Some of the theme packs you should look out for include: Pride, Bachelorette, Stoner, Public humiliation, social media, singles, and couples theme packs.

Currently, the game has over 7 new expansion packs and a new trivia game called the ‘Blackout Trivia’ to choose from.

Keeping the focus and overcoming challenges

Like any other business, Do-or-Drink has had its own fair of challenges. As an e-commerce business selling mainly through Amazon, over the past couple of months, the business has lost over 95% in sales due to hijackers selling counterfeit versions of the product. While Amazon is letting illicit sellers take over the company’s listing and selling counterfeit versions of the game, the business is still pushing strong. The team is committed to continuing to bring you their best work of art that you are guaranteed to enjoy.

Despite this, the team is undeterred, and the business continues to grow. Over the last eight months, they have amassed over 250K followers on Instagram alone, and the number is growing.

Check out the website here to learn more about interesting games that are dropping in 2020.

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