Two Things That Helped Cecilia And Shane Grizzard Succeed In E-Commerce

Before the pandemic, e-commerce has been gaining attention from consumers everywhere. This new and digitized platform allows people to shop to their heart’s content without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

The new platform has also opened new chances for aspiring entrepreneurs to create lucrative businesses in the industry. Some of those who tapped into this new market are couple Cecilia and Shane Grizzard.

Cecilia and Shane started their career in e-commerce through liquidation packets from Target, Amazon, and Walmart. They later started buying truckloads of inventory from target overstocks such as baby items and furniture.

They would later recall two things that have helped in their business’ success, earning them tens of thousands of dollars in profit.

Using Time To Their Advantage

While many entrepreneurs see time as a challenge in their success, Cecilia believes that it holds the secret to creating a profitable business, provided that they use it wisely, of course.

Many challenges come with every business, and each entrepreneur has their way of handling them. Cecilia, on the other hand, bides her time. But, she doesn’t spend it idly. Instead, she uses it to organize herself to become more efficient in her work.

This patience and determination helped the couple succeed when they ventured and started on eBay. In just seven months, they made $70,000 in sales.

Cecilia later urged Shane that they should begin selling on Amazon. They made $55,000 in sales in just one month, with $35,000 in profit. After seven months, the couple earned $140,000 in sales, with $75,000 in profit.

Next Comes Transparency

Apart from learning how to use time wisely, the couple also values their customers greatly by always maintaining their transparency. Since they’re in a business that involves people, the couple needs the trust of their customers and clients to keep their business afloat.

Being transparent allows their clients to see that they’re credible sellers, and the items they sell also meet the public’s expectations.

Cecilia realized she wanted to enter the e-commerce industry after seeing that few people shop in stores while the online shopping market is gaining popularity.

However, e-commerce isn’t the only source of income for Cecilia and Shane. After their business took off and Cecilia began sharing their success on Instagram, budding entrepreneurs wanted to know the secret of what drove them to the top.

This eagerness to learn inspired her to start an automation service, CS’ E-commerce. There, Cecilia helps others meet their goals of earning six to seven-figure amounts in the online market.

Visit Cecilia and Shane Grizzard’s Instagram account for more information.




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