Thomas Gale is a Young and Dynamic Digital Entrepreneur

*His grit, passion, and commitment to change people and businesses’ lives have led to the exponential rise of brands & companies through his full digital marketing services.*

So many youngsters today have come to the forefront of various business industries; not just because they wish to imprint their names amongst the top entrepreneurs of the world, but to do so they also want to work relentlessly to offer something different and unique to people, something that can stand apart from the crowd even in a competitive industry. One such highly talented and dynamic teenager turned entrepreneur is Thomas Gale from Paris, France, who believed he could disrupt the online space with his intellect and passion, and that’s what he did at only 18 years of age.

Aiming to create something of his own and dismissing living any ordinary life, Gale, right from the age of 16, debuted into the entrepreneurial world and worked towards creating an impact on this world and leaving a legacy behind by changing the lives of people & businesses. Digital marketing was something where his heart got hooked on. Gradually, learning the potential of the industry; Gale began to channel all his energies towards learning more and adding to his knowledge, which eventually led him to run a top-rated IG marketing agency with his team as well as the best e-com marketing agency out of Paris, France, servicing clients worldwide.

This teenage entrepreneur has also become an expert in high ticket sales. After receiving mentorship from the best in the industry and real and ethical sales, he has been able to help businesses and coaches scale their revenue further. Getting into entrepreneurship could also be attributed to his family’s history, having a similar background. However, jumping into the digital marketing space, Gale knew what his true calling was.

Along with his team, he has been able to change 100s of personal brands and businesses for the better through IG branding and expert digital marketing. Gale even grew his e-commerce brand with a fellow business partner, taking himself much ahead in the online space. Throughout all his endeavors, Gale has always believed in one thing: working with the concept of ‘people over profits’.

For his future projects, Gale wishes to keep creating an impact and change people’s lives daily through marketing and spreading value, motivating his team to do the same. As a passionate and skilled digital marketer, Gale wants to flourish e-commerce businesses 5–10x with his unique and cutting edge strategies and techniques in digital e-commerce marketing. After the pandemic, Gale also wants to travel across borders, collect more experiences, explore new cultures, and give back to various communities.

For all the other rising digital entrepreneurs in the world, Gale advises that they must focus on discipline, perseverance, and do what they feel genuinely passionate about. With this, people can build a career of their dreams, impact more people, and achieve their definition of success.

To gain more inspiration from this young digital entrepreneur, follow him on Instagram @thomaslukegale or his firm @risehighagency.

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