The Amazing Story of Magician and Actor Petey Majik Nguyen

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Petey has enthralled the audience with his exciting performances, be it on the stage or the screen or anywhere the moment takes him.

Born and raised in Australia, Petey Majik has been in love with performing arts since the beginning. He always loved the way his audience took an emotional roller coaster ride through his performances. He has worked his way up to the entertainment industry in Vietnam and has been privileged enough to create quality content and work with other talented artists. He says, “The stage is where I belong, and no matter how old I get, I will always live my life till the end performing for the audience.”

He owes a lot to his parents, who emigrated from Vietnam and raised him with the best life one could ever ask for. “I feel no one in this world can come close to them, they are the ultimate fighters and the biggest motivation for me in every way,” says Peter. When asked about who he looks up to in life apart from his parents, Peter is quick to answer, “I have always looked up to my uncle as he has been that pillar of strength for us from the very beginning. I was in awe of his lifestyle; being the manager of a bank, he drove a two-door coupe sports car, built a fantastic house, had a family and so much more in the works. We admired him a lot for his achievements at a young age. He was the one to teach us how to work the smart way and survive through the most challenging conditions but also to enjoy life. Petey’s all-time favorites for when it comes to celebrity inspirations have always been David Blaine and basketball legend Michael Jordan. Two personalities that have pushed the boundaries to where no one dares.

His professional achievements have been tremendous, having worked in 9 films. Petey is a known face in the Vietnamese entertainment industry and seen in various roles as a lead or doing cameo appearances. He has also hosted TV shows and has been privileged enough to judge some reality shows. Officially IMDB credited. He says, “Having tasted success and been there, done that, the biggest success for me would be to help give back and even produce the next big thing for young upcoming rising new talents, that’s where it’s at!!!”

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