Philanthropist and TEDx Speaker Tony Delgado Leads Humanitarian Efforts.

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tony Delgado on different projects. His ability to connect with low-income high school kids to a billionaire is a God-given gift.

His current mission is establishing an education system that is to date with the economic climate of the world.

Long gone are the days of studying four years of college and getting a degree to have a job in corporate America.

Tony started as a coder and worked in corporate America before leaving it all behind to build his non-profit organization Disrupt Foundation.

Armed with just “WiFi and a Dream.” (Delgado’s motto.)

In April 2020 amidst the pandemic. He spoke on the subject of WiFi as a human right. It was his suggestion to the organizer to the event online that lead to its disbursement around the globe to inspire people that there is hope.

The CEO of Disrupt Foundation continues to motivate and inspire with his podcasts full of amazing speakers who engage with the audience and educate the listeners.

To find out more about Tony Delgado you can find him at these channels.

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