Isabella Freedom: The ‘Coolest Mf’ is Coming this Christmas

On December 24th, Christmas Eve, people everywhere can expect more from the long-awaited holiday as Los Angeles artist Isabella Freedom is set to release her single and music video titled the Coolest Mf for everyone to witness.

But what, or who, exactly is that Coolest Mf? Isabella shares her story on how she worked to release her single and what was her inspiration behind it.

A Song of Praise

Isabella is an L.A. artist who’s originally from Finland and is working her way to release her newest single: The Coolest Mf.

“Last year I had a revelation and got saved by Jesus and can not be quiet about it. I’m so grateful for the realization that we are children of God and powerful beyond words,” she said.

Her new single is actually a testimony of her praise for the life-changing revelation that she had.

“I’m the coolest Mf I know since Jesus will back it up and He is the coolest of them all,” Isabella said.

She started working on this track last Christmas and has worked with producer and studio musician Noah Hernandez, as well as others who have made her journey to releasing her single possible.

“Rolake Ashiru, Elizabeth Pye is singing harmonies, and Mykaela Cole, Dominique Maxey is the Angel Warriors in the music video filmed by Howard Reyes and edited by me. The Coolest Mf is the last song I’ll be releasing from my first EP, Rock’n’Soul, and is a true milestone for me,” the L.A.-based artist said.

Looking Forward to Next Year

Even though she’s looking forward to releasing her newest single this Christmas Eve, Isabella still has a lot in store for the coming year.

“I’m working on a visual art project that’s parallel with the music’s storytelling and I’ve also dived into producing. Key goals is an EP produced in my own studio and more collaborations,” the artist said.

Up until now, she has mostly shared songs about empowerment. In the next year, she’s ready to reveal a little more about her quite secretive love life.

How to the Coolest Mf There is

Already considering herself the coolest mf because of the spiritual revelation and faith that she has, Isabella shares some tips on how others can become their own version of being the coolest mf there is.

“Be authentic, follow your gut, and say what you came here to say. To be the coolest mf in the room you need to own who you are without anyone’s confirmation,” she said.

Isabella added to ask the right questions and to only take advice from people you would be okay trading places with. But most importantly, she advises following the golden rule: treat as how you want to be treated.

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