How to Turn Negative Experiences into Positives With Paul Vibes

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Paul Vibes Summer of 2020

Before he became famously known as Vibes, Paul Scancarelli had gone through a series of transformations. Paul was diagnosed with a learning disability at an early age. That led him to be taught in unique environments, which often made him feel separated from the other kids. Paul was also bullied throughout his teenage life. But a volunteering engagement changed his life forever.

Each one of us has the ability to make a positive impact on someone else’s life

Paul realized this through his interactions with a veteran whom they were volunteering together at VA Hospital. Their different backgrounds and experiences brought a significant impact on each other’s lives. Paul learned that no matter what labels, challenges, or adversity we face in life, we all can create positive change.

What followed was Paul’s transformation in physical, spiritual, and mental health. He went on to create a non-profit organization for the unique needs in his community. The organization enabled young special needs adults to work on their social skills, confidence, and relationships. Sharing his story on overcoming learning disabilities also propelled his public speaking career. Later, Paul created the People’s Podcast that makes a platform for people to connect and share their inspiring stories.

Change comes from within

Sometimes we are held hostage by our thinking. After Paul changed his approach to his perceived challenges, he was able to transform his life and the lives of hundreds of other young adults with special needs. At 17 years of age, Paul initiated social events for the special needs community which have now grown to reach all of Long Island and impact young adults with diverse abilities.

Finding your purpose

Paul has found his purpose by engaging himself with activities that he is deeply passionate about. He believes that finding your purpose requires self-reflection, listening to others, and finding your passions. Paul also notes that mentors can change your life in different ways. His mentor in high school was a huge role model and part of his personal development.

The truth is, we are more than our limitations and challenges. Paul believes that you all need to shift the focus on your strengths to overcome your challenges and start soaring. For more info about Paul Vibes, check out his website here.

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