How Lewis Huckstep Proved that Success is for Doers Not Thinkers

Entrepreneurs are people who pursue the actions that will turn their dreams into reality. Most people have dreams about ventures that would get them off the 9 to 5 grid. However, due to fear or self-doubt, great ideas never leave dreamland.

Lewis Huckstep is one successful entrepreneur who transitioned from an underdog to a 7-figure earner. He states that his journey towards success began when he chose to become a doer.

Read on to learn more about this inspiring entrepreneur.

About Lewis Huckstep

Lewis is the kind of person who doesn’t let society’s expectations hold him back. He was born and raised in Norfolk Island. He left this small island and moved to Australia in search of an opportunity. This ambitious youth proved that he was a doer when people could not hire him, but instead, he had to pay to work for free.

Helping Others Become Doers

Presently, Lewis is an entrepreneur and a mindset mechanic. He operates in the mental health space, where he coaches people on how to create a life that fulfills them.

Lewis’ success is proof that entrepreneurship is not a journey for the elite, but a journey that we can undertake. When we change our mindsets and focus on our goals, then we can create successful careers in fields that we are passionate about.

Lewis built his franchises from scratch to become 7-figure ventures. After that, he decided to focus his time and energy on helping people overcome their subconscious limitations. He hosts his own podcast dubbed The Lewis Huckstep Experience. He also has an online platform where clients access his self-improvement programs.


Lewis advises aspiring entrepreneurs to take action towards realizing their dreams. He says that you do this by committing yourself to habits, practices, and a mindset that guarantees your success. Lewis also advises aspiring entrepreneurs to seek mentors. “Find a mentor to learn how to achieve the results you want & work your ass off,” he says.

92% of small business owners admit that having a mentor directly impacts their growth and profitability.

The number one lesson that Lewis learned from life is that “life in uncertainty.” You should see every circumstance as an opportunity to become stronger. Lewis encourages his clients to listen to their hearts and permit themselves to do what they love.

Check out Lewis’ podcast and Instagram to learn more about his work.