How ES Fit Pivoted In The Wake Of COVID Leading To New Opportunity

ES Fit is one such business that immediately felt the effects of the pandemic. However, resilience, innovation, and adapting to new ways of doing things helped the business to not only survive but also to scale to new heights.

Erika, a finance lawyer, and Simone a teacher are fitness enthusiasts. Their passion for fitness drove them to co-found ES Fit with the mission to uplift and empower women to live productive, exciting, and healthy lives. The business started as a local boot camp that supported the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of their clients. It gave them great satisfaction until the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

In the unprecedented times of COVID, developing robust continuous plans was necessary. And for ES Fit, it was the only option.

In the wake of COVID, Erika and Simone could not do the only thing they had to run a business — boot camps. The duo decided to shift quickly, streaming workouts online for their community. Within a short period, they saw a surge in traffic to the online sessions, and this opened new opportunities altogether. The team was unrelenting as they continued to look for more solutions for their business. They found a gap in gym hygiene in the market and ran with the idea.

ES Fit then developed luxe full-size sweat towels that give the comfort of full coverage and personal hygiene, while remaining stylish. The duo describes their products as versatile and lightweight, which is easy to take with you anywhere.

For the team, instead of throwing in the towel, they focused on making some. They were able to create cotton resistance bands that don’t roll and come in 5 different resistances.

Studies have shown that entrepreneurial passion boosts their creativity and persistence. Similarly, for this duo, their innovation and resilience have helped them to find solutions and open opportunities for new ideas.

They say passion is what gives us the courage to do the impossible. Erika and Simone started business on a shared passion for fitness. And it is this passion that continues to be a source of inspiration for teamwork and effort to build their business.

Today, the team continues to live its mission and passion for empowering and creating strength through support and togetherness.

Indeed, when times get tough, the tough get going.

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Expert Contributor