How Anthony Chanthalyma Influences and Mentors Others Using Engineering and Business Knowledge

At 16-years-old, Anthony Chanthalyma has soared to great heights that most people his age are only looking forward to accomplishing later in their lives. But with an early start in engineering and business knowledge, Anthony has created his own social media agency among other things at an early point in his life.

Born and raised in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, Anthony learned the ropes of graphic design which eventually led him to start his own social media agency in Toronto.

With his new position as an influencer, Anthony is helping others achieve their successes by utilizing motivational techniques and strategies that he developed over the years.

More Than An Influencer

Before Anthony established his own social media agency, he started as a competitor at the Vex Robotics Competition, Raven Robotics.

“This never came to me that the skills developed in a STEM extracurricular activity provided not only beneficial outcomes on problem-solving skills but executing success within winning each consecutive match,” he said.

And to further his success as an entrepreneur, Anthony expanded his reach to different industries such as music, additive manufacturing, and fitness.

Presently, he holds positions such as credentials in manufacturing engineering technology at Fanshawe College, managing Canadian musicians (Ausso & Locklyn), developed a 3D printed Bionic Arm, and director of product marketing at Feliston Sports.

But for Anthony, the journey doesn’t stop there as he’s working towards new goals in the coming year.

“I’ve been working heavily on three major tasks: Developing the next generation of pharmaceutical technologies by utilizing 3D printing, global music branding for upcoming talented Canadian musicians. Lastly, creating a mentorship program for all ages to engage in self-development, successful habits, and hedonic motivation,” he shared.

Some Words of Advice

For those who want to achieve the same success that Anthony has, here are some words of advice from the 24-year-old entrepreneur.

“Always network with anyone who has expertise within the field you’re interested in, don’t be afraid to get denied. Keep on looking until an answer is found and stay hungry.” he began.

He advised researching or reading books can specify insight to the exact industry that they want to delve into.

“Planning early is a great jump start, reflecting what your life will be in five years can really accelerate determination towards the ladder of success. Having different backup plans can also help but make sure it comes back to the end goal,” he added.

With more years ahead of him, Anthony will continue to broaden his horizons and climb his way further on the ladder of success.

Learn more about Anthony through his Instagram or LinkedIn accounts.




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