Giuliano Gonzalez Taps Into the Minds of Great Entrepreneurs and Shares Their Knowledge Via a Podcast He Founded

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In the digital world, more people are relying on online services to get the job done. This then also prompts entrepreneurs, or aspiring ones, to venture into this new medium where they can make a brand that can be the ticket to their online success.

But as entrepreneurs build their careers online, learning about their skills and mindset comes at a cost. This is what Giuliano Gonzalez, founder of Podcast Management Solutions, aims to change.

Giuliano’s idea to start a podcast where he would interview all these successful people were born out of the frustration of not tapping into their knowledge and the desire to learn from them.

He started the Millennial Success together with his best friend Justin Holland, and within 30 days, they had done 50 interviews with over 5,000 downloads. From then, Giuliano started Podcast Management Solutions, where he currently manages podcasts for entrepreneurs.

Through the podcast, Giuliano was able to bridge the gap between listeners and the advice that established entrepreneurs can offer.

“But the reality is that no matter what advice you get, the best ideas are your own,” Giuliano said.

“I always knew I was meant for more than an average nine to five,” said the founder of Podcast Management Solutions.

Giuliano learned that in this life, it’s all up to you to understand the importance of networking and value-adding. By recognizing the power of networking, the importance of money, and the potential of the online world in the future, he has gone beyond the regular money-making schemes and found his place in a niche market.

And when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, affecting economies and jobs all around the world, the founder of Podcast Management Solutions found himself safe and stable amid all the commotion.

“[I] replaced the income from my job within 30 days from starting my online business during [the] COVID-19 [pandemic],” Giuliano said.

Serving as the middleman between podcast hosts and entrepreneurs, Giuliano Gonzalez has found his success in a niche market where he connects aspiring or established entrepreneurs who are eager to share their stories with successful podcast hosts.

Get to know more about Giuliano Gonzalez as an entrepreneur through this article: You can also check out his Instagram account (@giulianogonzalesau).

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