From making $500K/ Year in Sales to Building Three Successful Ventures: Here Are 5 Lessons From Jordan Stupar On Sales and Entrepreneurship

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A sales career can be rewarding but very challenging at the same time. The pressure to meet and exceed sales targets on a daily basis is real. Salespeople will go to great lengths to close deals, scale, and achieve revenue targets.

Data suggests that high performing sales organizations are twice more likely to provide ongoing training than low-performing ones. This statistic is an indication of how competitive the sales business has become. Anyone wishing to succeed in sales must keep up to date with new approaches, technologies, tools, methods, and best practices in the sales space.

Enter Jordan Stupar

The CEO and founder of Stupar Sales Academy, Jordan is an authority in sales training and skill development. He started his sales career at an early age, selling alarm systems door to door where he developed a passion for sales and moved on to establish three profitable companies. He has successfully sold and exited a SaaS company, made over a million in sales commissions in under three years under 30, and won the Grant Cardone reality TV show Whatever It Takes.

Jordan started Stupar Sales Academy to share with other salespeople and business owners the blueprints that he was using to close millions of dollars in sales deals and close large contracts with Fortune 500 companies like Sprint. The academy offers 200+ video lessons that provide current, relevant, modern, actionable, and to-the-point sales training that applies to different situations in any industry.

He has been able to help thousands of salespeople in different industries to increase their income. With 17 years of experience and a great record in sales, he shares some of the critical factors required for success.

  1. Success is a daily decision

Life presents enough challenges every single day. The difference between failure or success is the courage to bounce back after failures. Jordan has this view reinforced by his father from an early age and since then he has kept his head up and continues to pursue his own personal development in every area of his life. You must learn to pivot when challenges arise and keep improving and stay focused on your goals every single day.

  1. Work ethics and discipline

Jeffery Gitomer once said, “There is no portion that makes sales faster and easier for you unless that portion is hard work.” indeed, there is no substitute for hard work. For a successful salesperson, scheduling meetings, following-up, and closing deals may not be an 8 am -5 pm job. Top performers go the extra mile. As for entrepreneurs, one must be ready to put extra hours of effort, sacrifice, and discipline to succeed.

Jordan works 15 hours per day and hardly takes any day off to maintain a high level of performance. Entrepreneurs can learn from him the value of diligence and hard work.

  1. Turn your passion into profit

Jordan has spent time, energy, and effort on sales and has found a way to provide this passion for sales into a skill set every entrepreneur should have. Besides, Jordan’s creativity has helped him develop tools, products, approaches, marketing campaigns, and training programs that are unique and of great value to his clients.

Seeing people implement what he teaches them, and seeing them grow and win is Jordan’s dream come true. Stupar Sales Academy prepares any sales enthusiast to win more sales and increase income. It provides resources for others to scale their business while, in return, having a profitable and scalable enterprise for the owner.

  1. Avoid toxic people

Jordan reckons that nothing will inhibit your ability to grow faster than being around the wrong people. As they say, a person is the average of 5 people with whom he/she regularly associate. Success to Jordan means personal development and having a trainer or mentor who helps you win every day.

  1. Doing things differently

It’s always refreshing to learn a new skill, strategy, and hack a system of doing things. Just about anything new is attractive. Jordan has learned to teach his clients things that they ordinarily don’t see or hear from ordinary sales trainers in the market. He has taught thousands of salespeople and organizations on how to leverage modern approaches and technologists to scale their businesses and grow revenue.

Connect with him here if you would like to learn more about his work.

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