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Tony Delgado Founder of Disrupt

That's what the artist and celebrities are saying about Disrupt Magazine. Founder Tony Delgado has been ramping up the magazine and the quality of articles has become the calling card for many entrepreneurs, music artists, and digital nomads.

Don't get me wrong we love Forbes. It was even in my favorite movie Back to the Future when Marty comes home and his brother is reading it at the kitchen table back in 1985. They have been pushing out great content for decades and we still love to read it. But you can’t deny the movement of Disrupt.

Now it's 2020's this could be the reason that so many now are leaning to be featured in Disrupt.

The articles are mostly millennials making millions online and giving out all the tips and tricks on how to do it yourself.

Music artists have also found a home in the pages of Disrupt reaching thousands of daily readers and new fans.

It’s no wonder that it’s growing in popularity every day.

I have the privilege of writing for Disrupt and every day, I get to see how many ways people are aching massive success.

What does the future hold for Disrupt?

One thing is for sure the quality and reach will keep reaching new levels.

Message me to find out about how you can get featured in Disrupt.

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