Da Real A 1, How Is He Dominating The Music Charts?

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Da Real A1 (Antonio’s Dontrell Green Jr) is an artist whose music is mainly about his life experiences; basically what he’s done, seen, gone through, or heard. He ensures that all his music represents him and is a part of him. When many artists use lyrics to just act as if they are hip and have a past. Da Real A 1 is lighting up the charts with real-life events. This one of the reasons behind his skyrocket success and strong fan base.

When asked where he gains inspiration for his genre of music, Antonio pointed out a few people in his life; his father, friends, and most importantly his uncle; Sleepy. Sleepy was the one who kickstarted Antonio’s career by giving him his first CD player, with a CD full of instrumentals.

“Rest In Peace, Sleepy” — Da Real A 1

Achieving Success And Gaining Inspiration

In light of the topic of achieving success, Da Real A 1 discusses the need for artists to be authentic and keep things real.

“They say they ride for their city, but never showed love or even drove the city since they made it. Once I made it we all made it, I’m giving back from shelters to schools and more. I was once that kid in the street looking for a role model, now I got the chance to be one.” — Da Real A1

On his way to the top, Antonio faced a lot of obstacles, one of them was the lack of support from individuals he thought were friends. He also was arrested in October 2019, on a drug charge. Ever since the day of his arrest, he made a vow never to let the name of his uncle Sleepy die, and that the world was going to know who he was.

Overcoming Stress

“To avoid burnout I take my time. Have you ever heard the story of the turtle and the rabbit? The turtle won at the end. Yeah, that’s me lol.” — Da Real A1

He’s learned not to rush whatever he does as this can cause you to burn out pretty quickly.

Here are some words of advice from Da Real A1 for anyone who’s striving for success;

“Just pray to God or whoever is your almighty. Take it a day at a time, everybody got their time to shine. You are a diamond in the rough.”

The Future of “The Real A 1” In Music

Many people are jumping on to listen to The Real A 1 and he’s been recognized recently in other publications such as World Star

Antonio started his own record label called “4L Ent” with the help of his friends.

They are dominating the city, with the world being their next target!

Check out The Real A 1 here.

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