Luis Jorge Rios Combat Veteran and Celebrity Press Agent Secrets to Success.

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After serving in the US Army as a sergeant during combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. Luis returns home to attend college graduating from college he turned to sales as a means to support himself.

Mastering the skill he was able to Work with Mark Cuban funded non-profits raising funds selling sponsorships.

These nonprofits put on events that had an array of speakers. Such as Rob O’Neill the man who killed Osama Bin Laden. David Hasselhoff and Mark Cuban.

Moving in the arena of events Luis has held. TEDx events in Puerto Rico. Where many influencers collectively spread their message even amount they pandemic via zoom.

His ability to find other gifts and uplift them to achieve new goals has made him one of the industry’s most active talent agents. He was recently featured in Yahoo Finance.

If you believe you want to become an influencer in your field he would be worth contacting.

Luis Jorge Rios Interview with Mark Cuban

Luis Jorge Rios Instagram

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