Art & Trap: Chínédù Ogboh The Renaissance Man”

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Chínédù Ogboh, from the heart of Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, is a talented artist who has won awards from inventing, to schooling, to creating to everything.

Art has always been second nature to Chínédù and he has learned more about modern contemporary artists and older pieces by studying the works of Da Vinci, Kaws, George Condo, Vincent Van Gogh, and Picasso.

These masters have taught Chínédù about expression and have molded him into the artist he is now.

Art is a Part of His Family History

When asked about how his career started, Chínédù shares that it was his father who inspired him and taught him how to draw. `

“Back in ’99, my dad owned a car company, which he owns to this day, but he would always sketch for me on papers. And for someone who never took an art class, he could draw almost anything. He would do these incredible sketches,” Chínédù recalled.

The young Chínédù would soon learn from his father and finish first place in drawing competitions from the 9th to the 12th grade. He would also study architecture and building drawings in high school which he was also awarded for.

“Art has always been a part of my family history. My older brother Gerald is [also] an insanely talented artist!” he shares.

Some Accomplishments and Future Goals

Presently, some of the successes that Chínédù boasts of is being able to throw a socially-distanced art gallery launch party and launching a limited edition hoodie collection that sold out. He sells art under the pen name ugly artist.

“I have a few projects I would love to sell to the likes of Travis Scott, Migos, Future and would love to collaborate on projects with them. I have two masterpieces set to release in 2021,” Chínédù shared.

He also has a masterpiece called “Discombobulated” to be released in December 2020.

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“For the coming year I love to share my art with more people and invite them into the chaotically serene world of UGLY the artist Chínédù,” the artist said.

Chínédù is also keen on getting his podcast started and creating more masterpieces that reflect his personality and uniqueness as an artist.

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“I think people who want to focus on art should focus on staying original and staying creative. The world needs your originality. As insane as this sounds. I believe that humans alive now are lucky to be in a world where we can experience the creativity of artists like Travis Scott and people like Joe Rogan,” Chínédù said.

View Chínédù’s work and stay updated on his progress as an artist via his personal Instagram and fan-centered account.

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