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Not many people are aware of the different challenges that men face every day such as matters that affect their confidence.

Jonathan, the founder of the Masculine Empowerment Network (MEN), is well aware of these troubles which is why he created MEN to raise awareness about the male struggle while empowering them to become better versions of themselves who are ready to take on any challenges and opportunities in life.

The Success of MEN

In two years, MEN has been able to generate $1 million in revenue off of a small YouTube channel that had less than 10,000 subscribers at the time.

“Over 1,000…

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Born on February 21, 1994, in New Haven, Connecticut, Devante Monteze Steen later became known by his stage name, FRESH PYD. Aside from being an American rapper, Devante is also the founder of Push Your Dream Records.

After years of hustling as an artist who releases independent material, he can now proudly say that he’s since become a household name.

Despite that, he’s still striving to solidify his position as a hip-hop superstar, role model, and community leader.

What Fueled Him

Like everyone else, Devante had a driving force to help him achieve his dream and continue working hard no matter what.


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At 16-years-old, Anthony Chanthalyma has soared to great heights that most people his age are only looking forward to accomplishing later in their lives. But with an early start in engineering and business knowledge, Anthony has created his own social media agency among other things at an early point in his life.

Born and raised in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, Anthony learned the ropes of graphic design which eventually led him to start his own social media agency in Toronto.

With his new position as an influencer, Anthony is helping others achieve their successes by utilizing motivational techniques and strategies that…

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For years, Nikola “Nik” Maharajh was looking for the perfect underwear. He went from brand to brand to try to find something above average yet sustainable. Alas, he couldn’t.

He eventually grew sick of this scenario as he was not the type of person who settles only for average. Nik considers himself a serial entrepreneur with a newfound passion for making eco-friendly & comfortable underwear.

“Other brands were always made from similar fabrics, packed in way more plastic than necessary. I knew this is something that could be improved on, and that’s when I got to work,” he said.


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At the age of 19, Thomas decided to stray away from the traditional path that society has conditioned us to follow. Rather than studying to get a degree, applying for a 9–5 job, and working until he’s 60-years-old or so, he dove headfirst into entrepreneurship by launching a Theme Page business on Instagram.

He now makes $8,000 to $10,000 per month from Instagram and has put himself in a position where he never has to work for someone else ever again.

But why a theme page business on Instagram?

“A theme page is a page that provides value on a…

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Even though he started down a traditional path by studying well, getting a college degree, and worked hard for his future, Andrew Logan knew that there’s more to life than this.

“I knew I wasn’t built to just work, pay bills, and repeat. I knew that I had to change my approach and find a different path. So I set a goal of being financially free at 33 and started trying everything,” he said.

A week before he turned 30, Andrew found network marketing and eventually, his wheelhouse. Two and a half years later, he and his wife worked full-time…

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New Zealand based entrepreneur, innovator, and mentor Chent Thambiah has helped over hundreds of people take their energy, mindset, business, and finances to a whole new level. Using his experience in business and self development, he now helps others achieve their own definition of freedom by establishing the world’s first social development network: XLR8 Online.

Pursuing Something He’s Passionate About

Chent initially left his nine to five career in civil engineering starting his journey in entrepreneurship and business as a personal trainer with multiple side hustles from a gym apparel business (Above Average) all the way to a future technology/augmented reality business (ARX). …

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On December 24th, Christmas Eve, people everywhere can expect more from the long-awaited holiday as Los Angeles artist Isabella Freedom is set to release her single and music video titled the Coolest Mf for everyone to witness.

But what, or who, exactly is that Coolest Mf? Isabella shares her story on how she worked to release her single and what was her inspiration behind it.

A Song of Praise

Isabella is an L.A. artist who’s originally from Finland and is working her way to release her newest single: The Coolest Mf.

“Last year I had a revelation and got saved…

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Life is full of mysteries and surprises. No one knows what’s in store for them that day let alone the following days to come. Among these unpredictable events are rewards and repercussions that help shape people into becoming the people they’re meant to be.

This is what digital creator, personal brand specialist, entrepreneur, artist, and podcaster Prince Eyo, or P. Nigma, believes in. Evident in his name, Nigma, he recognizes the unpredictability of life and does what he can to make the most out of it.

An Entrepreneur and Artist

Prince started his brand early in 2019 with an e-commerce…

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MLK Day Celebration Concert. Pretti Emage Live, also Performing: Shaadoh Session and various artists and performers.

On the rise female rap Duo Pretti Emage will be Performing Live at the MLK Day Celebration Concert at Limelight Night Club in Tampa Florida!! Also Performing live is “The Songstress” and Duval’s own Shaadoh Session! LADIES DRINK FREE ALL NIGHT! $10 and $15 Early bird tickets are now on sale email for details.

POWERED BY: Hustlaz of The Bay and Risky Bizness Entertainment

DATE : January 18, 2021


5305 N Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33603




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