7 Figure E-Commerce Mogul And Business Coach Kodi Brown Shares His Insights On What It Takes To Get To The Top

E-commerce presents a lot of opportunities. Experts predict that retail e-commerce sales will reach $4.13 trillion in 2020. This statistic represents an expansion in the digital market space for businesses, with no signs of slowing down. But like in any other business, to succeed in e-commerce calls for tact, hard work, and resilience. Besides, attention to all business elements from customer behavior, finance, supply chain management, and operations is essential.

Kodi Brown is an accomplished serial entrepreneur who has started multiple e-commerce and coaching businesses. Over the last two years, Kodi has made over $ 10 million in sales on Amazon. Besides, he runs multiple 6-figure coaching programs, where he shares his experience with others to help them achieve the same levels of success. Here are his insights on what it takes to succeed in e-commerce.

Focus on your goal

With all the competing tasks of an entrepreneur, one can lose focus on what matters. Kodi advises that one should pay attention to the end goal. Break down your goals into small goals that you can achieve on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The key is to keep the momentum towards reaching your dreams. Kodi notes that you should never get sidetracked when trying to achieve what you set in your mind.

Take control of your business

Kodi learned from experience to take control of his businesses and take responsibility for his actions. Before he ventured into e-commerce, he runs a digital marketing business with his business partner. He had no full control of the direction that the business was taking, and eventually, he had to split from the partnership. Having the right and timely information about the enterprise is one way of taking charge of a business. With a lot of changes and dynamics in the industry and e-commerce, it pays to invest in information that enhances growth. Mentorship and coaching, expert advice, attending conferences among others provide a source of knowledge about the sector that is essential for any entrepreneur. Information and personal development will help your business thrive amidst the competition. In his coaching program, he shares some of these key aspects of the business that are never taught in school.

Work hard

Every person has the potential to become successful in life if they are dedicated to achieving their goals. As a young man, Kodi had to work his way to success. He has lived from paycheck to paycheck and knows the hustles of working odd jobs and crazy hours. His parents have always inspired him to work hard. He has seen them put in extra hours to achieve what they have. He advises that one should put in nothing but the best to get what they want in life. Even with 7-figure income, he still manages to do the most mundane tasks to make his business work better and get results. Besides, he can juggle coaching and e-commerce, all while having the opportunity to travel around the world.

Passion is everything

Developing a passion for your business is a foundation for success. Passion makes people work hard, be focused, and turn stressful situations to opportunities for growth. A passionate entrepreneur will not stop at one level of success but will move on to where their passion can take them. Kodi notes that no level of success is a ceiling, and he is always pushing to go a step further.

Many people will often see and admire profitable businesses. It’s not always smooth sailing. Behind most of these successful ventures are stories of turbulence, tears, and painful endurance. It takes time, patience, and passion to develop a successful e-commerce business. For Kodi, it took him three years to establish his e-commerce business. Now, the account generates over $400k per month in revenue.

Kodi is a perfect example of the success you can reach once you set your mind into something. Now he is helping others achieve the same levels of success by giving them the tools that they need to excel in e-commerce. Learn more from Kodi if you wish to join the long list of successful e-commerce entrepreneurs.

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