$10,000 Instagram Giveaway, 20k-30k Followers & More Revenue: This Is Why Celebrities & LA Marketing Agency Are Teaming Up

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Data from the beginning of the year projected that 75.3% of US businesses would use Instagram in 2020. With the current world situation, this projection is likely to have changed significantly. More and more, the need to increase brand visibility across multiple social media platforms is becoming more apparent. With over 120M Instagram users in the US alone, the potential for personal and business growth is immense.

Liam and Adam of LA Marketing Agency are on a mission to help others grow and succeed through digital marketing. One of their latest projects is to help you grow your followers while also contributing to an excellent course. Read through to make the acquaintance of this initiative and how you can be part of it.

LA Marketing is teaming up with celebrities to offer cash giveaways of $10K plus to the Instagram community. The key reason they are doing this is that they want to help people financially during these difficult times. Besides, businesses looking to grow their brands can use this opportunity to tap into a well-established following from celebrities. Again, businesses stand to ramp-up their sales due to an increased number of leads and potential clients coming through Instagram. Also, individuals in the influencer space can use this opportunity to increase their followers.

LA Marketing sells sponsor spots for the giveaways. As a sponsor, you pay a small fee to become one of the people or brands that Instagram followers need to follow to win. Followers are required to follow celebrities/brands that LA Marketing Agency follows, for a chance to win the giveaways. Celebrities promote the giveaways to their followers. Therefore, by sponsoring the event, you now have influencers with millions of followers telling their followers to follow you for a chance to win.

Whether it is a business or an individual, this opportunity gives you the exposure needed to get more followers. For starters, something like this is best for people selling products and services as you can make back the money you paid to be a sponsor for the event by gaining clients coming in through the publicity. LA Marketing says that a giveaway like this has an estimated follower growth of 20–30K US & Canada based followers alone. As a brand, having an increase in the following of this magnitude increases your brand reach and ensures that you are looking more professionally. Ultimately, the more people see that you have a more significant following, the more they are likely to trust what you have to offers. Not to forget also that these new followers can turn into leads, potential new clients, and sales for your business.

The service is also perfect for individuals looking to become influencers. Again, you can increase your following significantly, hence increasing your credibility as an influencer. Companies and brands will reach out to you as you now have a more significant following to showcase their product, service/ brand. As an influencer, when you have such a broad audience, brands reach out to you and offer what they have for free, and in return, you promote what they give you, which again only adds to your following even more.

Instagram is an incredibly powerful platform to build your brand’s authority. Among all social media platforms, Instagram is the most powerful for enhancing engagement. It serves as a venue for brands that want to build their authority and increase their audience engagement rates. The LA Marketing agency is creating this opportunity to ensure that you get the most as a business or influencer, while also contributing positively to the world. Connect with the team to learn more.

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